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World's highest paid youtube stars revealed

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If you can join them... Why not..
The world's highest paid you-tube stars are making money from their passion and technology. Another year has almost come to an end, and 2016 was a major one for YouTubers when it came to earning cold hard cash. 

The top 10 highest-paid YouTube stars this year made a collective $70.5million, with the top earner raking in a cool $15million.

Dailymail gathered their earnings as follows: 1.Swedish gamer Felix Kjellberg, known to his fans as PewDiePie, took the number one spot for the second year in a row thanks in part to his nearly 50 million subscribers.

Joining him on the Forbes list are comedians, a prankster, and an LGBT youth activist, among others. 
Many on the list went to college and earned degrees in the likes of psychology or engineering, only to forego a traditional job for a life behind the camera. 

Clearly, it's paid off. Here are the top 10 highest paid YouTube stars of 2016: 

 1. PewDiePie 

Earned: $15 million Subscribers: 49,756,391
Five years ago Swedish gamer Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, now 27, dropped out of a competitive industrial engineering program to focus full-time on his YouTube channel PewDiePie.

His parents were livid that he had given up a degree at Chalmers University of Technology to play video games on YouTube full-time, and cut him off. 

Felix supported himself early on by working at a hot dog stand, but soon his channel soared to heights no one could have expected. 

Now Felix is dating one of his fans, living in Bristol, England and earning the title for highest paid YouTube star for the second year in a row - making $3million more than he did in 2015.

2. Roman Atwood 

Earned: $8million Subscribers: 10,152,692 subscribers
Atwood's channel might be making $7million less than PewDiePie, but he still remains YouTube's highest paid prankster. 

More than 10 million people tune in to Atwood's channel to watch him pretend to spray people with skunks or create an indoor snowstorm in his house. 

Atwood is perhaps most famous two pranks in which he tried to convince his girlfriend into thinking he had killed their three-year-old son. 

7. German Garmendia

Earned: $5.5million Subscribers: 30,317,411

3. Lily Singh

Earned: $7.5 million Subscribers: 10,296,350 subscribers
What first started as a method to help deal with depression has made Lily Singh a multi-millionaire. 

The Canadian's Superwoman channel has received more than 1.3billion views since it was launched in 2010, thanks in part to Singh's impersonations of her parents. 
Singh gave up her previous plan of getting a Masters in Psychology and becoming a counselor as her views - and mood - continued to rise. 

Her face is now plastered in billboards across Manhattan and Singh has even appeared on Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show. 


Earned: $7million Subscribers: 22,474,510
Ian Andrew Hecox and Daniel Anthony Padilla, both 29, make up the American sketch comedy duo better known by the name of SMOSH. 

The childhood friends and Sacramento natives are the veterans of the group, joining YouTube just months after it premiered in 2005.

There are various series within the Smosh channel, from parody sketches like 'Masterchef Millennials' to 'The Big What If', 'Every Blank Ever' and even one dedicated to Pokemon-related videos. 

Their first feature-length film, Smosh: The Movie, is currently streaming on Netflix. 

5. Tyler Oakley

Earned: $6million Subscribers: 8,087,829

Tyler Oakley tied for the fifth spot this year, his first time on Forbes list, thanks in part to signing a deal with Ellen DeGeneres to create his own digital talk show. 

Oakley's videos range from guessing celebrity abs with Tom Daley, trying strange toys with Kellie Pickler, to interviewing Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama. 

The 27-year-old, who uploaded his first video in 2007 as a freshman at Michigan State University, also uses his platform to be a prominent advocate for LGBT youth. 

Oakley has raised more than a million dollars for The Trevor Project and often posts about issues affecting the LGBT community. 

5. Rosanna Pansino 

Earned: $6million Subscribers: 7,398,450
Also taking the fifth spot on Forbes' list is Rosanna Pansino, the host of the popular YouTube cooking show Nerdy Nummies, which she calls the original Geeky Cooking Show. 

Pansino's skills in the kitchen have brought more than $7million people to her channel, which focuses on recipes inspired by fantasy, sci-fi, comic books, anime, movies, video games and television shows.  

Through her videos viewers can learn how to decorate gingerbread houses, and bake unique creations like a Sleeping Beauty Birthday cake or Game of Thrones Direwolf Bread. 
The 31-year-old is now raking in the kind of money she first only dreamed of when she began to pursue an acting career years ago. 

7. Markiplier 

Earned: $5.5million Subscribers: 15,523,276
Tied for the seventh spot is gamer Mark Fischbach, better known to his fans by his online pseudonym Markiplier.
Markiplier, much like PewDiePie, is beloved for the running commentary he gives fans in his 'Let's Play' video game clips. 
Fischbach, 27, was studying to become a biomedical engineer when he decided to dedicate his attention full-time to his increasingly popular YouTube site. 

And it seems the gamer life has opened some doors for him. 

8. Colleen Ballinger  

Earned: $5million Subscribers: 7,359,094
Colleen Ballinger has made millions off her persona Miranda Sings, a tone-deaf singer who believes she is destined for fame. 

Miranda has taken 30-year-old Ballinger far, with appearances on Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee and Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show.

Ballinger has since just debuted a Netflix series, titled Haters Back Off, that's based on Miranda's backstory.
The former Off-Broadway actress has also guest co-hosted The View and released the bestseller book Self-Help.  

9. Rhett and Link 

Earned: $5million Subscribers: 11,545,537Rhett James McLaughlin and Charles Lincoln 'Link' Neal III are better known as the comedic duo Rhett and Link. 

The co-hosts of Good Mythical Morning have been making people laugh together since they met in first grade at an elementary school in Buies Creek, North Carolina. 
McLaughlin, 39, and Link, 38, have built a fanbase of their wide-ranging channels that feature episodes like 'blind taco taste test' and 'ridiculous leftover food hacks'. 

They also do plenty of challenges, like eating a scorpion or the world's hottest pepper. 
Both men studied engineering at North Carolina State University, graduating and working in big companies before finally deciding to pursue comedy full-time. 

They now both live in Los Angeles and run the production company Mythical Entertainment.  


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