Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Lionell Messi was on doomed Chapecoense plane when it almost ran out of fuel before the main tragedy

It was a very sad tragedy. This comes at a time when it is reported that the tragedy would have been avoided. Unfortunately many lives have been lost just from the error of one person. Healthy young and blossoming lives. So unfortunate.  

Seventy-one people were killed last week when an aircraft carrying a Brazilian football team crashed in Colombia

The doomed plane which crashed in Colombia last week, killing 71 people, almost ran out of fuel when carrying the Argentina national football team just two weeks earlier, it has been claimed.
Numerous players and staff members from Brazilian top flight team Chapecoense lost their lives when the plane went down in the Colombian city of Medellin on November 28.

And a report in Brazilian newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo is now claiming the plane was just 18 minutes away from suffering the same fate when the likes of Lionel Messi and Sergio Aguero were on board during the recent international break.

The plane carrying Chapecoense's players to the Copa Sudamericana final crashed after a refuelling stop in Cobija was scrapped because the airport there didn't operate beyond midnight.
The aircraft then ran out of fuel and crashed while waiting for a landing slot at Medellin airport.

A survivor of the crash 'Bolivian air technician Erwin Tumiri' who was just released from hospital on Tuesday laid the blame for the crash at the feet of pilot Miguel Quiroga for deciding against attempting to refuel in Bogota.

"The pilot was the one who made the decision. He thought the fuel would last," Mr Vargas is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail.


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