Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Wend Williams weighs in on Kanye's health

Talkshow host with a strong personality Wendy Williams has weighed in on Kanye West's recent breakdown. She's never really been a fan of the new Kanye but she stressed  she's concerned for the rapper and Kim Kardashian and feels for their kids.

Mirror gathered that the Gold digger hit maker is  being treated at UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles after suffering a breakdown. Dr Michael Farzam his physician reportedly told police he had attempted to assault a staff member at the gym.

Speaking on her show on Tuesday, the TV host said: "We don’t all necessarily agree with how they make their money which is why I’m saying… Kanye should have taken time off, some people were saying, after Kim’s robbery.

"When you have a 21-city tour and you’ve already signed papers and you need money, because, depending on the stories you read, everything that is glittering is not necessarily golden. You know, it costs a lot.
"I do not feel bad for Kanye and Kim only because they have built this life, but I feel bad for the innocence of Saint and North.

She went further saying  she's concerned for both Kanye and Kim and wishes them both well.
"I am concerned for them though. Don’t get used to hearing this out of my mouth. No, but I am concerned for them. I do feel Kanye… lost his mum.

"The anniversary [of her death] was November 20 so you can imagine - or maybe you can’t - what this man is going through.


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