Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Unbelieveable!! The reason a man's ear was beaten off will shock you

Tolani Ajisefini is a 25year old man who is gruiling in pains right now.
His left ear was bitten off after a fight. He is believed to have permanenetly lost his left ear. According to reports the fight ensued because he spoke against hemp smoking in Mushin area, Lagos State.

According to Punch he worked as a site manager and lived  in the area  with his parents where the unfortunate incident happened before relocating to another area at Isolo. Sources gathered that he was a regularr visitor to the Mushin area because of the friends he still had there.

On getting there on the fateful day, he saw some youths smoking Indian hemp in his former place and cautioned them insisting they left the place. The youths refused and a fight ensued with Tolani telling his friend that tried to help to leave him to fight alone.An identified man called Micheal mocked the friend which angered Ajisefini who attacked Michael with a bottle.

 “Michael then bit off one of Ajisefini’s ears. Michael also had a bite injury, ” the source added.
The victim was reportedly rushed to the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Idi-araba, Surulere, where he was quickly attended to by the medical personnel on duty.

It was learnt that the ear could not be reattached as the tissue was already dead.


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