Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Suspected militants blow up another export pipleline

Trans Forcados export line in Warri , Delta State has been attacked. The attack was carried out by suspected militants .

The export line was a state-run oil pipeline near the southern Nigerian oil hub of Warri in the latest blow to the industry, a security source and community leader said Wednesday. The lien was reportedly attacked on Tuesday after the President met with representatives of the militant groups in order to end the unrest that had been plaguing the country's economy.

No group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack which was carried out with dynamite after less than 48 hours after the resumption of operations at the flow station.

AFP reports that the pipeline was attacked in July and had only resumed operation at the weekend following repairs.
Punch gathered that Dickson Ogugu, the chairman of Batan community where the pipeline is based, confirmed the incident, saying a surveillance team had identified the site of the attack.
“The entire river is flooded with contents from the damaged trunkline and we are at the receiving end.”

The groups claim to be seeking a fairer share of Nigeria’s multi-billion-dollar oil wealth for residents of the region — as well as greater political autonomy.

Junior oil minister Emmanuel Kachikwu confirmed recently that the country’s oil production was returning to normal with 2.1mbpd after production dropped from 2.2milllion barrels to 1.4mbpd.


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