Friday, 11 November 2016

Straight A student turned Prostitute becomes heroine addict


Dr. Phil is determined to step in and help after learning homeless Niki has been hooked on heroin for seven years and is still using despite being eight months pregnant

Niki a pregnant former "smart and motivated" student turned to prostitution to fund her deadly $450-a-day heroin habit.
In a deeply harrowing watch, Niki's sister and mother appear on Dr. Phil to ask him for his help because they believe she'll be dead by Christmas if someone doesn't step in.

Mirror gathered that Niki now homeless  comes from a privileged background  where she excelled in everything . She was once a straight A student who became hooked on heroin seven years ago.

Her family met with Dr Phil to see if he could help them get her acts straight. According to her mom She has dropped out of college and out of her family’s life. If things don't change, I’m going to be visiting her at her grave. I feel like asking for Dr. Phil’s help is the only way to save her."

While her sister Sammantha adds: "I think my sister died a long time ago and now I’m just waiting for her to actually die."

Another bombeshell was dropped in Niki's video when she claimed she's been a prostitute for three years.

In a shocking video which shows her shooting up, Niki reveals she uses a gram of heroin worth $450 a day and is lucky to have found a place to stay with a lock on the door and power.

Dr. Phil forces Sharon and Sammantha to watch the harrowing clip and tells them that he'll go to any lengths to help Niki - he'll even use private investigators to keep track of her transactions, and if she scores drugs he'll make sure she's sent to prison where she'll be safer than out on the street.

"If she gets me involved in her life on drugs, I am her worst nightmare. I will haunt her to the end of the world if that’s what it takes. And you cannot get in my way," he says.


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