Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Sad! Teacher sells her student's organs?

Teachers are supposed to protect their students and take them like theirs hence the principle of 'In loco Parentis' is used in the teaching profession. Unfortunately it is not the case in some instances. A teacher at a school for vulnerable children was caught trying to sell one of her students to organ harvesters. She was subsequently arrested.

 Galina Kovalenko, 52, was a Language and Literature teacher in the school. She was caught red handed when she tried  to hand over the vulnerable 13-year-old girl for about £8,000.

 Telegraph gathered that fortunately for the girl and the police there was a tip off leading to the teacher's arrest.  It was revealed that the buyer  hinted that the girl's organs would be removed while asking about her health and paying Kovalenko the equivalent of £31 for photos of the girl and her medical records.

The tip off led to an anti-human trafficking unit in Ukraine's eastern Kharkiv region to put the teacher under surveillance.

On his facebook page, Urainian Interior Minister Arsen Avakov confirmed the incidence nad said the woman was on surveillenace for 4months. She was monitored before she was arrested.
He said she had been monitored for four months before her arrest. She faces 12 years behind bar if found guilty.


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