Sunday, 20 November 2016

President Buhari advised to drop non performing ministers and tackle poverty

Dr Hakeem Bello has weighed in to the current situation of Nigeria. A prominent former  APC chieftain from Kaduna state, he posited that the President should look beyond sentiments and drop any underperforming minster as this will help the country. According to him, he reiterated that speaking with majority of Nigerians, many ministers are just occupying spaces in their various capacity.

Speaking on the level of poverty presently experience, he urged the President to push through policies that will reduce the present poverty level in the country Punch gathered.

He further stressed that the level of poverty requires urgent solution and the  ministers who are not performing require change for better ones with good imaginative ideas and creativity that will help boost the nation.

He noted that inspite of the hard economy, it will be wise to have great minds that can handle and disburse whatever is given to them effectively so that the money will impact its cause no matter the amount. He noted that a person with great imagination and ideas will perform well in that capacity.

He also praised the president for the areas he has done well and also stressed there is also room for improvement. and concluded by saying one year is long enough to access people but too short to pass judgement. And that the government should make sure the resources are mobilized effectively so it  gets to the people.


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