Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Parents beware!!! Toddler contacts flesh eating herpes virus from kissing uncle

As parents we are supposed to be very careful especially when it comes to our babies.

Their bodies are still very sensitive and their immune system. It's the same case of new born baby where people tend to tell their visitors to wash their hand s before trying to touch the baby. All these steps are precautionary measures to avoid the babies falling sick as they are still very fragile.

The case of a toddler from Gloucester is no exception. The baby has  has had her face "eaten alive" by a shocking herpes virus she caught from kissing a relative's cold sore.

According to Mirror Sienna Duffield, 3, was diagnosed with herpes earlier in the year - a contagious virus which caused blisters to spread across her face.

Although the baby has recovered from the scare which began in October 2015 when she kissed a family member which caused the severe infection, her family had to go through alot in ensuring she gets better . Her  mother , Savina French-Bell, 21  had to wash Sienna's bed sheets daily and constantly throw out clothes because of daily blood stains from Sienna's sores.

The painful blisters were extremely itchy and caused Sienna's sensitive skin to be covered in blood stains and pus. Sienna was admitted to hospital on her second birthday in October 2015 where she was placed on an IV drip because she had stopped eating.
Savina then sought advice for creams and antibiotics to prevent Sienna's condition from getting even worse.

The young mother is now sharing her story to help other parents battling the same condition.
Savina, a nursery worker, said: "Sienna was being eaten alive by her skin infection.

"It came out of nowhere on her second birthday when she started developing ulcers in her mouth.
"It started to look like someone had thrown acid over her face, it spread from her mouth to her cheeks, and above her eyes.

"I realised that she kissed a family member last year which brought on the infection.Nothing worked until she was eventually given flucloxacillin antibiotics which worked after doctors thought she had a severe case of eczema.


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