Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Man impregnants 15year old step daughter

 40 year old Victor Emafolomi allegedly raped his wife's 15 year old daughter Keji.

PUNCH  gathered that the suspect was caught on Sunday by the police from the Agbado division after the mother of the victim reported the case.

The incident occured in Ogun State where Emafolomi was said to have raped Keji on two occasions in October, threatening to kill her if she informed her mother. 

According to reports the first time she was raped, she was at a shop where she was learning hairdressing within the community when her stepfather called her on the telephone to come home to prepare lunch for him.
While the teenager was immersed in the cooking, Emafolomi reportedly descended on her and dragged her into the bedroom.

She said, “That afternoon, he was drunk. He beat me up when I resisted. I explained to him that he was like a father to me, but he didn’t listen.  He used a pillow to cover my mouth and raped me. He said he would kill me if I told my mother about the rape.

“Two days after, he had sex with me again. That evening, he beat me up because I insisted that I would tell my mother when she came back from work. He went out and came back with two men after about 30 minutes. The men stared at me and left. He said they would be monitoring my movement and that if I reveal what he did to me, they would kill me.” He went further and warned a young boy who normally comes by to stay awy from Keji.

The whole ordeal came to light after Keji's mom noticed that her daughter's monthly period which she monitors had not come when due. She took her to the hospital where her worst worries was confirmed. After a lot of resistance the daughter finally revealed the father of the unborn child.

The mom recalled how shocked she was on hearing the news.However, the suspect, who hails from Delta State, refuted the allegations, saying it was Owolabi, who impregnated Keji.

The Ogun State Police Public Relations Officer, ASP Ambibola Oyeyemi, said the case would be transferred to the command’s headquarters in Eleweran, Abeokuta, for further investigation.


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