Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Incredible! Wife allergic to her husband

A Minnesota woman has been diagnosed with a rare case of allergy.
Johanna before her illness

windows are protected for her health

communicating via skype

She  has spent the last year in her bedroom, locked away from light, dust, and even her husband due to a rare immunological disorder Mirror reports.

Before her illness Johanna Watkins, of Minnesota, was like any other 20-something. Lively and bubbly. She loved hiking, walks and the beach, and spending time with her new husband Scott.
But Johanna's life changed forever last year when she was diagnosed with an incredibly rare disorder that makes her allergic to almost everything. She now spends all of her time in her bedroom surrounded by air filters and away from the whole world.

Today, the 29-year-old spends every waking hour in her bedroom, surrounded by air filters, and sealed off from the outside world.
No sunlight is allowed into the room, while Watkins is so sensitive to smells that all cooking has to be done at neighbor's homes.Her illness is called MCAS (Mast Cell Activation Sydrome). A very rare disease that is so severe she cannot move around without triggering allergies.

Her meals have to be pushed under the door while most communication even with her husband during the past year has been done via Skype.

The Watkins got married in July 2013,and are currently living with their neighbors Dan and Lucy Olson, and their four children. Her condition which needs more research because it was recently discovered  and affects 1-15% of the population.
Sadly for Johanna, her case is so extreme, doctors are still working to find a successful treatment.  
Now the couple are hoping to be able to move to their own custom-built home where they can live together safely while they learn to cope with Johanna's condition.

The Watsons have already raised more than $100,000 with their GoFundMe page to make the adaptions needed to create a 'safe zone' for Johanna.


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