Friday, 11 November 2016

A-LIST Hollywood actress Eva Longoria on saving the best for last

Actress Eva Longoria of Desperate Housewives fame has done it all - acting, directing, writing, modeling, and more.

After a tumultuous marriage with former husband Basket ball star Tony Parker she finally found happiness in her  Mr Right . Husband Latino media Mogul Jose Baston.

In December's issue of Red Book Magazine, the 41-year-old starlet revealed how she immediately knew Bastón was 'the one.'

When asked how she knew that José Bastón was 'the one,' the Desperate Housewives alumna replied: 'Even before we got engaged, we just felt married. We called one another “my husband” and “my wife.”' It didn’t take either one of us very long to know that “this is the one.” In my case, it only took 40 years to find him!'

And on why she took her new husband's last name? Longoria-Baston said simply,'I love him, I love his last name, and I love that tradition. It’s a choice I made, but I realize it’s not for everybody. I was thrilled to take his name.' 

Aptly nicknamed 'Hollywood's Unicorn' by the women's magazine, the stylish A-lister unveiled inspirational stories that ultimately led up to her hugely successful career.
The actress, beautiful inside and out, credited her mother, Ella Eva Mireles, for encouraging her work ethic. 
'I wanted to have a Quinceañera when I was 15 and my family didn’t have the money, so I got a job at Wendy’s and paid for it myself. I couldn’t wait to get to work and make my own money,' the actress revealed.

'There was never any resentment, because I saw how hard my mother worked and all she did for my sister [with special needs], and I wanted to do whatever I could to help. We all did.'

'I remember losing auditions or being let go from a job and I’d say, "That must mean there’s something amazing ahead for me!" the SAG award winner spilled while talking about being eternally optimistic.
'My friends would laugh and look at me like I was crazy. I have never, ever had a personal pity party.'

When asked whether she would ever consider getting into politics, Victoria Beckham's bestie replied thoughtfully.

'There’s more things you can do as a citizen to bring about change than as a politician,' Longoria, who is respected in politics, answered.

'After some deliberation, I choose to hold on to that power rather than relinquish it. But I do have a great deal of respect for people who devote their lives to public service.'


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