Saturday, 5 November 2016

Chelsea wins big!

Chelsea trashed Everton 5 - 0 saturday.
It was a beautiful match well played by a team that were lagging behind  just six weeks ago.

With the new formation of 3-4-3 after Arsenal win, they have been recording victories. Antonio Contes their manager never ceases to jubilate at each goal. It was probably suggested as a joke that his staff should wear helmets the way he jumps at them after a win.

Anthonio is very passionate about the game. After admitting their poor performance and that they needed to put in more effort, he has truly improved their performance which is a very good look for the team. The five goals were scored by Pedro, Hazard scoring two Costa and Alonso.

 It was indeed a beautiful game for Chelsea. They played beautifully well. They now lead at the top of the tables and hopefully with this form they can once again go for the title.

Congrats to Chelsea.

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  1. What a surprising match and what amazing article. It was expected for Chelsea to win the match played in Premier League last Saturday, against Everton. Eden Hazard's goal came as a nice surprise. It is good to see Chelsea scoring a victory in this match and adding 3 more points for their league rankings. I am sure Koeman will have to review the team's offensive and defensive strategy for the next match against Swansea City. I am sure that i will make a bet next time. Where can i find a list of bookmakers available in United Kingdom?