Friday, 11 November 2016

Cancer survivor gives birth to a miracle baby after cancer left her infertile

She felt she could never have a baby again after her chemotherapy treatment from Leukemia. Kayleigh Gilbert 31 couldn't contain her excitement when she found out that despite all odds she was pregnant.

 As a leukaemia survivor, she feared  her cancer had returned. She had no idea she was pregnant because the chemotherapy kept her infertile.

Despite already being a mum to Lyla, now seven, and Aoife, now five, she’d always longed for a son – making the June 2014 diagnosis and subsequent news utterly heartbreaking. 

In time, she went into remission, but when she began feeling nauseous and run down in October 2015, she was terrified the cancer had returned. Instead, tests revealed she was actually four-and-a-half months’ pregnant – with a little boy.

Speaking of the moment she welcomed her son, 7lb 6oz Eilon, into the world at Addenbrooke’s Hospital on June 9 this year, Kayleigh said: “Around 6:30pm, I began feeling twinges, like the beginning of labour.
“By 7:30pm, I’d given birth. It was all over so quickly. 

“My partner, groundskeeper Ben Richardson, 31, and I hadn’t found out the gender beforehand, so as soon as I saw it was a boy, I burst into tears. 

“I think I cried for about an hour. I can’t describe how it felt to hold my son for the first time. It was like all my prayers had been answered.”



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