Thursday, 10 November 2016

Backlash: Anti Trump protest goes violent

At last he has finally won the seat of the 45th President of the United States of America.

But Hillary's supporters are not happy about this. So they took to the streets protesting his win. They called him different names such as: racist, sexist, anti gay and so on. These were his stance while contesting which has increased the fear of Americans as his win was announced.

Dailymail gathered that the streets of downtown Oakland were choked with smoke Thursday as police launched tear gas and protesters lit fires, in what became by some distance the most violent of the many protests against the election of Donald Trump.

More than 6,000 protesters were seen on the streets of Oakland with an initially peaceful march down a cop-lined street turning nasty after some protesters threw bottles at officers.

In New York, home of the President-elect, at least 30 people were arrested when cops cracked down on twin demonstrations in Columbus Circle and at Trump Tower.
As many as 7,500 demonstrators were believed to have been split between the two locations, chanting 'Black Lives Matter' and 'Donald Trump, go away, racist, sexist, anti-gay.'

Cher and Madonna were among the NYC protesters, with Cher telling one supporter they needed to 'fight.'

And thousands more filled streets in Los Angeles in an apparently disorganized mass that had no specific start or end point, taking over the 110 Freeway. Other protesters gathered outside City Hall, lighting fires and waving Trump heads on sticks.

Trump's poll-defying win has sparked a wave of similar rallies across the country. Protests stopped traffic in Chicago, Illinois; Portland, Oregon; and San Francisco, California, among many others.

Outside the White House, a candlelit vigil was being held in protest against Mr Trump's inflammatory and divisive brand of politics. But even peaceful protests in that city went awry, with at least one protester being bundled into the back of a van by the Secret Service.

Secretary Clinton and President Obama in their various speeches after the win urged peace to reign. Clinton even suggested Americans to welcome Trump with an open mind.


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