Wednesday, 2 November 2016

Authorities confirm flight MH370 had no one at controls when it plunged into the ocean

Over two years ago one of the mysterious plane crashes occured to one of the best airline in the world.
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 It was an unfortunate incident that killed all 239 passengers on board with the mystery still unsolved. 

On  8 March 2014 MH370 disappeared while flying from Kuala Lumpur International Airport, Malaysia, to Beijing Capital International Airport in China. After years of investigation some ray of hope as to what happened has been discovered. According to dailymail no one was controlling MH370 when it plunged into the ocean, a new report has suggested.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau's latest examination of outboard wing flap debris has concluded it was 'most likely' not in an extended position when the plane went down.

The fresh analysis gives weight to the theory no-one was at the helm of the aircraft and reduces the possibility pilot Zaharie Ahmad Shah may have deliberately downed the plane. 

An analysis of the plane's final communications to and from the satellite were found to be 'consistent with the aircraft being in a high and increasing rate of descent at the time', the report said.

Both results validate the search area and supports the long-held theory MH370 went down without human intervention.

The aircraft went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean off the Western Australian coast, experts believe.

Authorities won't finish scouring the final 10,000 square kilometres of the 120,000sq/km search zone area until January because of difficult weather conditions.
Malaysia, China and Australia agreed in July that, in the absence of credible new evidence pointing to the plane's location, the search would be suspended after that.

A group of international and Australian experts have gathered in Canberra to review all evidence.


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