Friday, 18 November 2016

37 Boko Haram suspects arrested in Lagos State

They have been trying to penetrate Lagos State for some time but thankGod for the timely intervention of the Nigerian military Boko Haram terrorists would have succeeded. As they are being defeated in the North, they tend to look for succour and  continue their works of destruction in other parts of the state. Recently the Lagos-based 81 Division of the Army confirmed it arrested 37 suspected Boko Haram terrorists in Lagos and Ogun States in the last 15 months.
The erstwhile General Officer Commanding (GOC) Maj.-Gen. Isidore Edet, stated this during the handing over to his successor, Maj.-Gen. Ebenezer Oyefolu.
Nation reports that he stressed on the challenges of his job saying“Tackling the challenges posed by the militants wasn’t so challenging because we had to work cooperatively and collaboratively to rout the vandals in Arepo axis. For the Festac axis, the work is still on.
“Commanding 81 Division for me, was an honour. It is the dream of every Infantry officer to rise to command a division. It was a honour I didn’t take for granted. So, I would miss the cooperation and good working relations I had with my personnel.”
On pipeline vandals at Arepo area of Ikorodu, the former GOC said the Army worked collaboratively and cooperatively with other security agencies to rout the vandals from the area.
Gen. Oyefolu, said he would key into the successes of his predecessor to move the Division forward.
Gen Oyefolu was the Deputy Director at Defence Intelligence Agency, Abuja before his appointment.


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