Monday, 17 October 2016

Woman donates her pubic hair to Donald Trump

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                                                  Emily Robinson a wife and mother of 2 children.
A 10 year old named Zoey and a 6year old named Maddie decided to donate her pubic hair to Donald Trump after 9 women came out to accuse him of groping them. These accusations came after the access Hollywood tape was released and after Donald Trump repeatedly denied the accusations saying he only spoke but Bill Clinton actually took action on those words.

Emily Robinson a Florida photographer cut off some of her pubic hair and mailed it to Donald Trump's campaign as a "donation," writing:
Dear Mr Trump,
I'm not able to mail you my actual [p----]. So I've included the next best thing.

She did this when  her husband jokingly handed her a Trump campaigner mailer requesting donations.
The posted the contribution on Facebook on Saturday, October 8, with the caption, “Yes I did. #protest.

”Her post  received as many as 2,000 likes and 514 shares with more counting. A  comment read “speechless in such a good way.”


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