Sunday, 9 October 2016

Teenage school girl dies after parents made her fast

Fasting is mostly observed by informed adults.
Unfortunately some parents make their young children indulge in the exercise not putting many things into consideration.

Aradhana Samdariya 13 years old  was forced by her family in India to undergo the religious ritual. Aradhana collapsed and fell into coma two days after finishing a 68 day fast and later died of a cardiac attack. The family insisted that a priest asked her to fast so that she can bring prosperity to the family hence she decided to do it on her free will.

They noted it was not the first time she had done it . She did fast in 2015 for 34 days and eight days in 2014.

AFP gathered the girl's parents together with other family members have been charged
with culpable homicide not amounting to murder over complaints by advocacy groups that she was coerced to fast in accordance with a Jain ritual.

“As of now nothing is clear,” Mattaiah said. “The body was cremated and our investigation will rely on the doctor’s report. We will question the family before moving ahead.”

Jainism is an ancient, nonviolent religion with more than four million followers, mostly from affluent trading communities, living in India.

According to her family, Samdariya had pledged to observe the 68-day long penance known as “Chaturmas” and over the marathon fasting period was only allowed to drink boiled water twice a day.

Massive celebrations were held after Samdariya completed the fast, with hundreds of community members and politicians attending the event, and taking selfies with her.

“People came to show sympathy with the family after she died. There was no religion involved. She was quite devoted and we are not superstitious.”

Fasting rituals are mostly undertaken by the elderly in Jainism, with a western Indian court last year banning “Santhara” — the voluntary custom of fasting until death.

But the order was overturned by India’s apex court saying the ritual was a component of non-violence.
Her funeral was later attended by more than 600 people, where she was hailed as a “child saint”, with many celebrating her death.


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