Thursday, 13 October 2016

Shocking!! Nollywood actress caught in extramarital affairs and stealing

Joy Anyim, married beautiful Nollywood actress is in hot mess right now.

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She is presently arraigned in Uyo for theft. AKBC (Akwa Ibom State Broadcasting Coorporation) reports that she is standing trial on one count charge of theft owing to the sum of N460,000.

Sources have expressed their shock as unbelievable because she lived a life of affluence when things were good with her husband's family and she enjoyed his massive wealth

The Enugu born actress is known for renting entire hotels, guest houses and even clubs to fulfill her erotica desires. Uranus Hotel, Entry Point Hotel, as well as Uncle G Resort were some of the many establishments where she spent extravagantly.

Another report claims the actress has now gone into hiding as all her creditors are on her trail all over the town; which include her former car mechanic, cosmetic and cloth supplier, eateries. Also sources recall how all her lovers that broke her marriages have disappeared.

Joy Anyim has been  remanded in prison until she meets her bail condition of 500, 000 naira . The case was adjourned until October 13, 2016.

This is coming as the actress’s second marriage crashed. She was married to  Niger-Delta big boy, Arc Joseph Etiebet of Niger Delta Development Commission(NDDC) hit the rocks over allegations of extra-marital affairs with a number of her male colleagues.Her first was in 2013 and her then husband accused her of illicit affairs with two businessmen.

Quite unfortunate but best wishes to her.

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