Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Saudi King executes a Prince

Saudi interior ministry have confirmed the unusual killing of a member of a ruling family.

Punch gathered that the execution of Prince Turki Saud-al-Kabir is an extremely rare case due to the status. According to local media the Prince committed an offense of killing in 2012 and the government insisted they want to protect all and implement God's law in the land.

The media indicated that Prince Turki’s death sentence was upheld by the Appeal Court and the High Court.Another royal prince welcomed the news, in the first public reaction from a member of the ruling family.

Prince Khaled Al Saud said “this is God’s law, and the way of our blessed kingdom. May God have mercy on the killer and his victim.”
A report says the execution brings to 128 the number of persons put to death so far in the country this year.

Saudi Arabia applies strict interpretation of Islamic law and  is among the top executioners in the world, according to international rights groups.


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