Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Muslim woman lashed 40times for wearing a mini skirt becomes bikini designer

A 16 year old Tala Raasi who wore a mini skirt to a party was flogged 40 lashes after a militant group raided the party and punished her for her outfit.

She got her ultimate revenge at 35 as she is now a bikini designer in the US which is is very proud of and proud to also share her story to put her persecutors to shame.She said that despite not finding any drugs or alcohol, they did uncover foreign videos, satellite TV and 90210 posters - and Tala dressed in a short skirt, tight top and wearing nail polish and make-up.

The group of teenagers were taken to Tehran's notorious Vozara detention centre and sentenced to 40 lashes for each of the girls, and 50 each for the boys.

After the brutal incident in 1998, Tala's family decided to relocate to the United States, despite not speaking any English, where she went on to launch a successful career as a fashion designer.She recently released her own swimwear line and released her own book.

In an extract from the book, she explained the pain she endured while receiving the lashes and also explained that initially she was angry at her family for moving her to America before realising the opportunities she had.

She enrolled in language classes and got a job at a bridal boutique, sparking her passion for Her fashion line is called Dar Be Bar, which sponsored the 2010 Miss Universe pageant.

She said  she has received a lot of criticism for what she does because she is a Muslim woman


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