Tuesday, 4 October 2016

Meet the Fuckers actor 'Ben stiller' details his battle with cancer

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Funny man and actor of Meet the Parents and its sequel Meet the Fuckers Ben Stiller, 50 just revealed he was diagnosed with an 'aggressive' form of cancer two years ago.
He was fortunate to have caught it early and secretly had surgery to remove his prostate.

In an interview with Howard Stern Show he opened up about his battle with the disease for the first time.He said his doctors diagnosed him with 'immediately aggressive' prostrate cancer in June 2014 and two months later, he underwent surgery.

By September that year, he was told he was cancer-free. 
Now, he is urging men to speak to their doctors about being tested at an earlier age.

Ben stressed he had no idea and it came as a surprise to him.
His tumor had been growing for five years, he said, and had he not had a PSA test done, he wouldn't have realized he had one.

On Tuesday morning, he also took to Twitter to share a blog post opening up about his ordeal and again, urging people to get tested.
He went further stating that when he heard the news he decided to google google men who had faced prostate cancer and survived. His costar in Meet the parents Robert DeNiro was one of them. He noted in his write up that he was fortunate to be alive and got his cancer free result on Friday, September 17,2014 three months after being diagnosed.

He stressed several times that taking the PSA test saved his life.
He added: 'If [his doctor] had waited, as the American Cancer Society recommends, until he was 50, he would not have known he had a growing tumor until two years after he got treated. According to him by then it would have been  too late to treat successfully.'

He addressed the controversies surrounding the PSA Test, but said: 'It is a simple, painless blood test. It is not dangerous .

'If the PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) value is elevated in the blood, or levels rise sharply over time, it could indicate the presence of prostate cancer. It is definitely not foolproof.'


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