Saturday, 15 October 2016

Landlady finds skeleton in tenant's house

A skeleton was found in Peace-land Estate Akute Ogun State.
A landlady was said to have broke into a tenant's room to evict the tenant who is a pastor after he had missed many rent payments up till a year.

Tired of the debt the landlady decided to take drastic measures by breaking in and evicting the tenant. But surprisingly she found a skeleto

Punch gathered that an eyewitness said the man’s sister went missing without any  trace six years ago, fuelling insinuations that the skeleton might be that of the woman.The skeleton was on a sitting position fully dried with clothes still on the bones.

It was reported that the woman ran out at the sight of what she saw screaming. Sources gathered that the man lived with his sister running a small church in the neighbourhood. And it was later learnt that the sister named Funmi had gone missing.

 Neighbours said every time they asked about the missing sister, he would say she was on a prayer mountain.

The case has been reported to the Ogun State Police Command and the suspect has been transfrered to the Department of Criminal Investigation at the police headquarters for thorough investigation.


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