Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Kim Kardashian's Paris attackers caught on CCTV

The Paris heist that robbed Kim Kardashian made sure they did not leave a trace of DNA.

 But they were caught on CCTV as they escaped by creeping past a sleeping guard and went on parked bikes. 

They successfully took her jewelries worth £8.5million. The robbers also made sure they avoided a police camera around and local  businesses didn't have any footage.

This is making alot of people including journalist from CNN that it was an inside job as the robbers came prepared. 

However, now it has been revealed that the gang was caught in a 'million-to-one' image after a camera facing a mirror reflected their getaway. Dailymail gathered that the French police have now taken the footage for further investigation.

It was also gathered by the Sun that a ground-level camera also caught the armed men fleeing via a back door and into an office block behind the upmarket Hotel de Pourtales.

It comes as officers are still hunting the five people suspected of assaulting Kim in her palatial apartment, which she rents for £25,000 a month.
They wore ski masks to hide their faces as they attacked the 35-year-old reality TV star and mother-of-two who screamed ‘Please don’t kill me! I have children’.

Two days on, police in the French capital said that everyone inside the prestigious Hotel Pourtales at the time 'has now been spoken to, and the neighbours heard nothing at all'.

The source added: 'Forensic enquiries have also been carried out, but as yet there is no useful DNA evidence.'

After their highly organised raid, the five men were seen escaping on ‘velibs’ - hire bicycles which can be rented all over Paris. 

Kardashian, who was in the French capital to attend fashion week shows, returned to the U.S. on Monday.


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