Thursday, 6 October 2016

Kim Kardashian to stop Public Appearances?

After her ordeal in the hands of Paris robbers. Kim Kardashian has been overly frightened and shaken from the incident.
Friends like Lala Anthony and Johnathan Cheben have been a support for her, visiting her at her apartment in NewYork while her family stays mom on social media.

 She's had to pull out of many events and appearances for the meantime. one of such is a Dubai makeup demonstration. And she has also not mentioned any further appearances or the meantime.Also the same for the family at the moment according to PEOPLE.

Kim's fans are hoping the event doesn't keep her permanently damaged as they pray for her.

“When something like this happens everything changes,” a source added to the site. “Everything will change. It changes the whole family - how and where they travel.”

She will have to  reassess traveling for work and feeling safe."
Kim is reportedly "tearing herself up" over the robbery, and "blames herself" for Snapchatting her huge ring so much.

The good thing is 'ThankGod she is still alive.


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