Friday, 28 October 2016

Johnson and Johnson to pay $70m in damages to woman who claims their powder caused her cancer

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One of the leading pharmaceutical companies 'Johnson and Johnson' has been hit a major blow.

 This comes after a US woman found she had ovarian cancer which she claims was caused by their baby powder.

The woman 62 years old Deborah Giannecchini 62 stated that she used the product for over four decades and accused the multinational of "negligent conduct" in making and marketing the powder.

Although after the jury delivered its verdict it asked Johnson & Johnson to pay $70m to Deborah in ddamages they have vowed to appeal the verdict.

Ms Giannecchini, from Modesto, California, was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 2012.
After undergoing surgery, radiation and chemotherapy her chance of survival over the next two years is just 20 per cent.

Her lawyer told the trial she has had her ovaries, colon and spleen removed after using talc products, and accused Johnson & Johnson of being aware of the risk and failing to warn users.

According to CBS news, this is notthe first and only case. Johnson & Johnson has paid a total of $200m in cases similar to this where the consumers sued for getting cancer.

This is the third lawsuit.


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