Wednesday, 26 October 2016

ISIS suffocates many as they flee Mosul

With the recent move by Iraqi and Kurdish forces to retake Mosul,
ISIS became desperate and started suffocating hundreds of people trying to flee Mosul by setting fire to a sulphur plant sending poisonous gas across the city.

Hospitals in Mosul were overwhelmed with patients including children and pregnant women who had inhaled the gas causing breathing problems and choking.

It came following jihadis setting fire to the Mishraq sulphur plant last week which formed a toxic cloud that can affect those caught up without a mask dailymail gathered

News of the casualties come after it was revealed ISIS terrorists shot dead a disabled girl who was failing to keep up as she was forcibly marched out of her village as Iraqi forces closed in Mosul.

The jihadis were forcing a group of women out of the village of Rufeila, south of the city when they targeted six women, including the disabled girl.
And according to the UN, the extremists shot dead the group, mostly likely because they were struggling to keep up the pace because of her physical disability.
It comes as Iraqi special forces have rounded up 1,000 suspected ISIS fighters as they advance on Mosul in a bid to liberate the city from the terror group.

Pictures from towns and villages around the city show counter-terrorism troops capturing ISIS suspects, forcing them to the ground and arresting them. 
The troops have also uncovered a network of underground tunnels used by the terror group to move fighters and weapons.  

Special forces Major General Haider Fadhil says the residents of Tob Zawa and other nearby villages have been taken to a camp in the nearby Khazer region for their safety.


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