Friday, 28 October 2016

ISIS fighter caught in a nappy

As Iraqi troops continue to fight for the recapture of Mosul, more terrorists are being captured. A released footage recently showed some terrorist seen in napkins.

The footage shown on live leakes shows two other men watching sombrely, and then swings back to the man on the floor, who appears to be in some distress following the capture in what it's said is the battle for the Iraqi city of Mosul .

The man - whose identity is unclear - writhes around on the ground, showing his thin frame and the bulky nappy bunched up around his waist filled with his own waste.
The camera again pans out to show even more witnesses, some filming with their mobile phones, all silent while the captive is stepped on again and again and cries out.

The camera finally shows the man caught on camera who has been standing on the prisoner's face.

He lifts his foot to the captive's head again, eliciting more cries as the tormented man rolls on a damp floor in what looks like his own urine and faeces.

His leg has been bandaged, although blood is seeping through the white dressing. Another man is then show pressing his foot onto the victim's ankle.

Commenters online were horrified by the video, with one saying "War is 100% savagery".


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