Monday, 24 October 2016

Ex - prisoner and Heroin addict turns his life around to become a multi millionaire

The saying that when there's life , there's hope is always true if you have faith and believe. Apart from believing one has to be determined and work hard never giving up.

on the left is his drug addiction days and right is his new health

The story of Khalil Rafati is a good example of such. Thirteen years ago, he  was homeless, addicted to heroin and living in Los Angeles' notorious Skid Row. He was emaciated, covered in ulcers, and 106 pounds.

Fortunately, the story today is different as he is now a millionaire. 'A self made millionaire'. He is the CEO of Sunlife Organics(juice bar chain in many locations in LA).

46 year old Rafati built his empire in 5years and he has said it saved his life. In his memoir I Forget To Die, he wrote about his journey to sobriety. He drove all the way to Los Angeles to escape an abusive childhood where he found quick success dealing with sports cars New York Ties reported.
Rafati used to deal in marijuana  and eventually tried Heroin one day which went to another level in his life which almost destroyed him. He nearly died in 2001 after intentionally overdosing on IV heroin.

By 2003 he served a stint in Los Angeles County Jail and reached 'the bottoms of all bottoms', he said.

'There was no more digging left to do, all of my shovels were broken,' he said. 'I was done.' 
Rafati became dedicated to his health and sobriety, but the real moment his life changed was when a friend introduced him to 'juicing and superfoods'. 

'The results were remarkable and instantaneous,' he told Sober Recovery. 
Rafati began making his own juices for patients and staff at the Riviera Recovery Center, a sober living house he opened in Malibu in 2007.

It was there he created a smoothie he dubbed the Wolverine, a date and banana concoction that would eventually become Sun Life's signature drink. 

'It was meant to rejuvenate and strengthen the patients,' he told the Times. 'And give them some much-needed strength.
'Lethargy in sobriety is pretty brutal, especially if you're coming off a long run with hard-core drugs.' 
But it wasn't just the patients at Riviera that loved Rafati's smoothies. News of his incredible juices started spreading through Malibuwhich eventually led to his success.

He used his savings of $50,000 in gold coins ,also got some financial support from a professional gambler in opening Sunlife Organics.

He hires his staff by  selecting people who need the kind of help he was desperately searching for 13 years ago.

Kudos to him.


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