Sunday, 2 October 2016

Elderly pensioners over 70 years old help police catch a burglar

 For 18 years police had been on the hunt for 33 year old Stephen Ward
to no avail until three pensioners dubbed ''three Musketeers'' helped catch him The trio - dubbed the "three Musketeers" - managed to catch a man police were unable to for 18 month. 


Mirror gathered that Peter Mueller, 70, and friends Adly Gorrafa81 and 78 yearold Sheila wife of Adly  pinned Stephen to the ground and asked neighbours to call the police after Peter tackled him to the ground. They stayed on him till the police arrived to arrest him.

 Peter, from Germany, was visiting the house to pay his respects to his recently passed away mother-in-law.
Adly and Sheila were visiting from America at the time of the dramatic incident in June.

Peter, a retired bank director, said: “When I opened the door in the middle of the house, there was a burglar with a bag in his hand as he tried to run, i took one leg of his so he fell down.

“I’m 70 years old and the other two people were 78 and 81. With our weight, he had no chance to escape.”

Derbyshire Police Chief Constable Mick Creedon handed the trio bravery awards for their “remarkable” citizens arrest.

Ward was later jailed for 27 months for a string of burglaries across Derbyshire.


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