Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Eighty worms removed from a four year old girl's ears

A four year old girl Radhika Mandloi's ear was infested with about 80 worms. She is from a small village in central India and lived with her parents. Sources claim she first complained of extreme pain and itching in her left ear a week ago.

Mirror gathered her parents first thought she was just overreacting which is what children do. The insect was attracted to her ears because of the unhygienic conditions in her ear and their home and eventually invading her ear.

Her parents knew things were serious when she started crying continuously. They had to rush her to MY hospital on October 8 where the head of ear, nose and throat gave a thorough examination and to his chagrin saw the worm infestation. 80 of them lodged there and they had to be removed.

Dr Mundra said: "I was very shocked to see so many eggs. This type of bug is attracted to foul smells and extremely unhygienic conditions. And as the ears and nose are areas most vulnerable and open they enter and lay eggs.

"We’ve had previous cases where they’ve had two or three eggs but this is the first time we’ve seen anyone with such a huge amount."
The doctor removed the worms in two sittings where the girl endured grueling pains. He stated that the worms are very dangerous and can cause severe ear damage to the ear bone if there is an excessive movement hence special treatment is needed.

He said the worms had to be killed first so they could not move while they were removing them.


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