Sunday, 9 October 2016

Donald Trump ready for a bloodbath debate where he intends on calling out Bill Clinton on rape charges

Donald Trump is preparing for what could be a bloodbath on Sunday night, as the Republican nominee goes up against Hillary Clinton in the second presidential debate.

After the leak of the video where he talked in obscene and vulgar language about women ,he is ready to do all he possibly can to win back the trust of the few Republicans that supports him even if he has to bring Bill Clinton's rape charges.

And it has been revealed the first question of the debate will focus on the lewd remarks made by Trump - only he won't be the one answering. 

After winning a coin toss, Hillary Clinton will be asked the first question of the night, likely by moderator Anderson Cooper. 
Cooper, of CNN, is co-moderating with Martha Raddatz, of ABC, who have adjusted their town-hall-style debate in light of the Trump tapes, CNN Money reported.  

Forty people, selected by Gallup after submitting questions, will query the candidates along with the moderators during the town-hall debate.

The candidates were both spotted leaving their mutual home state of New York on a cold and rainy Sunday morning.  


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