Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Donald Trump invites Obama's brother to be his guest at the final presidential debate

The half brother of President Obama has been invited to the final Presidential debate by Donald
Trump. He will be there to support him after he complained of not being invited by his brother.

Malik Obama has reportedly accepted Donald Trump's invitation to be his guest at Wednesday's debate with Democratic Presidential runner 'Hillary Clinton'. H will be there with Pat Smith, the mother of Sean Smith who died in Benghazi. 

Malik who has publicly defended Donald Trump has always shown disdain on how Barack Obama treated his family. He stressed that it was disheartening to see  thta no Obama's Kenyan family was present at the Democratic National Convention.

Daily mail gathered that Clinton is also inviting guests to Wednesday's night's debate and they are not in good terms with Trump. They are Bilionaire od Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban and Republican business woman Meg Whitman. They will be seated in the crowd as her guests.

The last debate saw Trump parade three women who claimed Bill Clinton sexually assaulted and raped them. Another woman claimed she was raped at age 12 and Hillary Clinton, as a public defender, got a plea deal for her attacker.
The four women – Paula Jones, who won a sexual harassment case against Clinton, Kathleen Willey, who says the ex-president fondled her in the White House and Juanita Broaddrick, who say Clinton raped her back when he was running for Arkansas' governor, were joined by rape victim Kathy Shelton – were Trump's guests and sat in the front row.
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a top adviser and surrogate for Trump, suggested that Smith's presence at this debate might get the families of Benghazi victims a 'solid answer' from the former secretary of state. 


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