Monday, 17 October 2016

Cojoined twin heroes battle their first week separated

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 Anias and Jadon McDonald were twins born conjoined at the head on September 9, 2015. They were born via C- section which was not scheduled. 

Their father spoke to CNN saying they were active and very healthy at birth except that they were conjoined.They were nothing short of normal little boys who were happily always playing and smiling despite being conjoined until recently when they had a surgery to separate them. 

Just the sight of the boys in separate beds came as a surprise to their parents. Just a week after their surgery their parents share their joyful experiences with the boys being separated.

From his bed next to the window, Jadon squeezes his father's finger with all his might, even under heavy sedation. Anias rests in a bed near the door of the room, a testament to strength and resilience.

"It's shockingly new," said their mother, Nicole McDonald. The boys have shared a bed since birth.
Born conjoined at the head, the 13-month-old twins -- little "warriors," their parents call them -- spent the weekend recovering from the 27-hour surgery that separated them. 
"I can't wait to put them beside each other and them see each other," said Christian, their father. "To be honest, I'm just so excited and anxious to see that moment. That's going to be a great day."

Messages of support from strangers proved a powerful distraction during the hours of waiting while the twins were in surgery, Christian said. He and Nicole said they felt the love and prayers sent their way. They monitored the hashtag #JadonAndAnias as people tweeted about "our beautiful boys."
"If it wasn't for all these people sending us messages and donating, we wouldn't have been able to keep such a positive outlook," Christian said.

According to Nicole they are finally seeing the fruits of our labors and our long, hard nights."
In her Facebook post,she said her family also couldn't have made it this far if it weren't for their faith.
"Without God we would have unraveled many, many months ago," she said. "People say we have handled this situation with grace, but it's with God's grace that we continue on."


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