Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bullied boy dubbed ' Most hated in the school' stands in front of a train

Felix Alexander committed suicide after years of bullying in school. In the heart breaking letter penned by his grieving mom, she noted that he was abused for years for not owning video games such as Modern warfare 2 and others.

 He was referred to as the most hated person in the Public school he attended. The 17 year old was tormented for years by students not only in school but they also went online Mirror gathered from his mother.

In a letter explaining the torment her son suffered, his devastated mother Lucy said he first saw a psychologist at the age of 10 but the cruel treatment worsened as he got older before he stepped in front of a train.

He was once known as "the most hated" pupil at his school and, despite switching schools , the bullying continued until he could no longer cope.
Last April Felix told his parents he was getting the bus to school but instead went to the railway tracks.

He was killed instantly when he was struck by a train at Abbotswood Junction, Norton, near his home in Worcester.

An inquest concluded Felix had committed suicide after suffering years of bullying, firstly in the playground and then by online trolls.


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