Tuesday, 25 October 2016

British Airways investigates strange illness of 27crew members that caused an emergency landing

A strange illness on the British Airways plane caused an emergency landing so that the infected crew members could be rushed to the hospital.

Dailymail gathered that the flight was from San Francisco on its way to London when it diverted to Vancouver. It was reported that pilots and passengers on board ere suffering smoke inhalation.

BA said 22 cabin crew members and three pilots were taken to hospital for medical checks as a precaution, and have since been discharged.

Despite the uncertainty and the fact that people started coughing a bit sources stated that passengers remained calm, stating: 'We were all very British, we were wondering what had happened, and whether they had suffered food poisoning.

 'We were very high up in the air and we weren't in control of the situation, it was just a bit weird. 
People wanted to know a bit more information, but I don't think all the crew knew what was going on.
No smoke was seen  on the plane, or smell burning. 

Passengers on Flight BA 286 from San Francisco to London told how firefighters in full respirators came onto the plane after it was diverted to Vancouver Airport.

Liz Keller, from London, tweeted: 'Passengers on #ba286 pretty much totally in the dark about what happened on board or what comes next.

'Not reassuring to see firefighters with respirators walking aisles and only be told the crew was taken ill. And have been told we need to book our own return flights.'

A passenger praised the crew for their professionalism during the ordeal in the plane.


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