Thursday, 6 October 2016

Bristish Nurse who contacted Ebola in 2014 rushed to hospital

Pauline Cafferkey athe 40 year old children;'s nurse who volunteered herself to Sierra leone during the Ebola crisis and caught the deadly virus that almost killed her was rushed to the hospital.

Dailymail reports that she was rushed to the hospital with a polcie escort. Nurse Pauline is reproted to be in a stable condition.

In a statement released this afternoon, health bosses added that Ms Cafferkey's condition posed 'no risk to the public'.

Details of her condition have not been released. 
Ms Cafferkey is the only known survivor of Ebola to have seen the virus repeatedly 'reactivate' in her body.

The former Save the Children volunteer was originally infected in December 2014 while helping Ebola victims in Sierra Leone.  
She became the first victim to be diagnosed on British soil and spent almost a month in an isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital in north-west London.

She was discharged the following month after making a recovery and was deemed not to be infectious.
But she fell ill again in October last year - at one stage falling critically ill - after suffering meningitis caused by Ebola lying hidden in her spinal fluid.

Again, the disease was beaten back and she left the Royal Free last November. But, three months later in February, she was sent back to hospital again, treated for complications associated with the condition.
'She is undergoing further investigations and her condition remains stable.'


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