Thursday, 1 September 2016

What Rob Kardashian said about Blac Chyna will surprise you

The only son of the Kardashian clan 'Rob Kardashian in a few months will be a father and will soon start his new reality show with Fiance Blac Chyna.

Rob became very depressed and turned recluse then later found love and became engaged. Talking about his engagement, he said Blac Chyna motivates him and saved him during his dark period. He confessed her home made cooking help him kick diabetes to the curb. He is now diabetic free.He further stated that just being with her helped him with his insecurities. 

Being happy and in love with her help him loose 100pounds out the 300pounds  he gained after he became depressed.

During the interview in People magazine the 6ft in star stressed he had been friends with Blac for a long time and always relied on her advice.She was first friends with his sister Kim 35, and girlfriend to Tyga when they met. Kim also has helped her get her first  paper cover and is also producing their new reality show.

 Rob according to sources is said to be thrilled and excited at getting married and becoming a father.

Chyna on the other hand stated that she noticed Rob always wanted children and may want at least four. Rob and Chyna were happy and positive during their interview but it seems from clips of their new show , they fight most of the time. Even big sister Kim was wondering if Chyna keeps the child if they should break up because of their constant bickering.

Time will  tell if they will last. Good luck to the future Mr and Mrs Kardashain.


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