Tuesday, 27 September 2016

US Presidential debate between Donald and Hillary scores Huge!

The much anticipated debate between the two presidential hopefuls has come and gone.
I want to believe Hillary Clinton won from what I saw but the Donald still has a chance of coming back which he has always done during campaigns.

Daily mirror gathered the latest ratings from the debate and discovered over 81million people tuned in to see Clinton and Trump battle it out for the Number 1 job in the world.

The ratings made history as CNN Money reports gathered that 80.9million people watched live on 12 networks.16.6million watched on NBC, 12.46million watched on ABC, 11million watched on CBS and 5.25million watched on Fox. with numbers for PBS and C-SPAN expected to come later on Tuesday.

The first debate between Mitt Romney and President Obama in 2012 drew 67million viewers, while the record had been the 81million who tuned in back in 1980 to see  Ronald Reagan and Jimmy Carter. 

It was NBC Nightly News host Lester Holt who moderated the debate, which likely explains why that network beat out all others on Monday. 

Fox News was the winner on the cable news side, drawing in 11.359million followed by CNN with 9.8million and MSNBC with  4.9million.

On Fox Business Network, just over 672,000 people tuned into the debate while on CNBC they had a little over 520,000 total viewers.


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