Tuesday, 13 September 2016

US and Russia fight over the death of ISIS commander

 ISIS second in command Abu Mohammad al-Adnani who was widely tipped to be the next leader of the terror group after repeatedly calling for attacks on the West has been killed.

He was reportedly killed two weeks ago in Syria

His death has sparked some kind of war between Russia nd US Mirror reports . They are arguing on who killed him. Each country claiming their troops killed him.

 His death has been confirmed by ISIS propaganda unit Amaq who said he was matryred while surveying the operations to repel the military campaigns against Aleppo. According to reports the ISIS commander had a $5million bounty on his head and was the only surviving founding member of ISIS out of the three of them.

Russia immediately took responsibility for the killing claiming that an Su-34 bomber slaughtered up to 40 militants in a raid on the village of Umm Hawsh while Pentagon press secretary Peter Cook said: "The strike near al Bab, Syria, removes from the battlefield ISIL's chief propagandist, recruiter and architect of external terrorist operations.

"It is one in a series of successful strikes against ISIL leaders, including those responsible for finances and military planning, that make it harder for the group to operate.

"As we continue to gather momentum in our counter-ISIL campaign, we will continue to target ISIL leaders, relentlessly pursue its external plotters, working with our partners on the ground, we will not rest in our efforts to destroy ISIL's parent tumor in Iraq and Syria, combat its metastases around the world, and protect our homeland."


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