Sunday, 4 September 2016

Trump makes an emotional appeal in a Detroit Church for Black voters

Donald Trump visited a predominantly black Church in Detroit 'Great Faith Ministries' with his celebrity apprentice star Omarosa.

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Although he has been  Criticized for urging black voters to support him while speaking to mostly white audiences he took the plunge to try to turn around his unpopularity with black voters.

This is the very first time he has addressed a black audience since his campaign started. He praised the unity of the church saying a civil rights activities started in the black church and a civil rights agenda is needed now he spoke while down tuning his tone.

 Trump vowed to change the many wrongs in the society. Donald Trump visited a predominantly black church to call for a "civil rights agenda for our time."

"I am here to listen to you," the Republican presidential nominee told the congregation at the Great Faith Ministries International, where he swayed to songs of worship and read scripture.
"I'm here today to learn," said Trump, who is Presbyterian.

However protesters were outside the church, several separate protests swelled into a throng of about 400 people denouncing Trump. But inside, churchgoers said they thought it was important to hear directly from the Republican nominee as they weigh their options. Trump insisted that people talk past each other and not to each other.

 He stressed that he understands that African Americans have suffered a lot of discrimination and they are wrongs that can be made right.

Before he left, he was presented with a Jewish prayer shawl, which Jackson draped over Trump's shoulders, and a Jewish Heritage Studies bible. Trump also met with a smaller group of church members and recorded an interview with the pastor.

After the church visit, Trump visited the southwest Detroit childhood home of Ben Carson, the retired neurosurgeon who ran against him in the primaries and is now advising the campaign. 

He was surrounded by reporters and security where he told Felicia Reese a house owner in the area that the market valuse of her hosue has just increased due to Ben Carson's connection. On the other hand, his running mate is saying his tax returns will soon be published after the audit by the IRS.


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