Friday, 9 September 2016

Tompolo to Buhari: Your army killed my dad

Tompolo in a letter addressed to Buhari accused the military of killing his 84 years old father.

Paul Bebenimibo, Tompolo's spokesman stated that the military treatment on the father led to his death at Lily clinic. A private clinic in Warri, Delta State.

Chief Government Ekpemupolo aka Tompolo  who is currently in hiding stresed that he fathere died from stress out of trauma from military harassment. He said the dad sustained injuries when the soldiers invaded his home in Kurutie.Althouh he was ill then, hishealth deteriorated by the violent experience he was subjcted to.

He amputated his leg two months before he died and he moved him from the village to Warri as he wasn't sure of his safety.

His letter to Tribuneonline stated thus:
“I wish to write your Excellency once again on the continuous harassment and intimidation of my family members and close associates by your security agencies (Nigerian Army, Navy, Department of State Service (DSS), and the Police,” he wrote.
“Sadly, one of his lower limbs was amputated two weeks ago. From the doctor’s report, it will be a thing of miracle if he survives this incident,” he said about his father.
“Is this 84 years old man also a member of the Niger Delta Avengers, that he was brutalised to the point of death? Will your Excellency accept this in good faith if this was done to your father or someone of this age in your family?
“I have not heard of anyone that was treated like this even in the volatile north-eastern part of the country.
I have said it on many occasions that the issue I am having with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) will not lead to violence or resort to destruction of pipelines and other oil facilities, because I have a good case.”


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