Sunday, 4 September 2016

The Newest Saint ' MOTHER TERESA!

History is being made today September 4th,2016 as Mother Teresa is officially made a saint. St Teresa.

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The Canonization ceremony for Mother Teresa was held by Pope Francis today in front of a crowd and her Nuns at the Vatican City.The bones of Mother Teresa was kept at St Peter's church with other saints.

 Her sainthood journey started 20years ago.

After verification from local doctors that treated both patients one from an Indian woman Monica Besra who was cured of her stomach cancer after using her picture to pray to her to intercede for healing and was healed and the other a Brazilian man who was healed of a brain infection after putting her picture on his head Pope Francis felt she had met the requirement of two miracles and needed to be made a saint. She said a locket of Mother Teresa's locket placed on her stomach by a nun. Although many have said even while alive she was considered a saint.

Pope Francis since his assumption has made helping the vulnerable, poor and needy his priority which has the same similarities with what Mother Teresa dedicated her life doing. Working for the poor and needy.

 Pope Francis never actually met Mother Teresa but saw her once in Rome and has followed what her life was about and he wants to emphasize on that. Which is the teachings of Jesus Christ. Helping the poor and needy.Being kind and loving to your neighbours. Making them your priority regardless of race, religion and ideologies on a one on one basis.Your neighbours being everybody around you whether you know them or not .

What Jesus talked about in the Bible helping the poor. He Pope reiterated that this year is the year of Mercy to have kindness and mercy for people especially the poor and needy.


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