Thursday, 29 September 2016

Syrian crisis: Brain surgery performed on floors of hospital in Syria

The Syrian crisis has caused a lot of physical, emotional and psychological strain on its people.

So bad are things now for the doctors that in order to meet up to the challenges faced posed by the strikes which have led to medical facilities being destroyed, they have to operate on the floor.

Brain surgeries are being carried out on the floors in Aleppo due to the crisis gathered the dailymirror

Two hospitals were struck on Wednesday and ground forces intensified an assault in a battle which the United Nations said had turned the city into a slaughterhouse according to Reuters .

Unfortunately, two patients died in one of the hospitals six who were queuing for bread were killed during a siege which has trapped 250,000 and food supplies is dwindling.

Hundreds have already been killed in a week while bunker-busting bombs demolishing buildings on the heads of the residents huddled inside.

Only about 30 doctors are believed to be left inside the besieged zone, coping with hundreds of wounded a day. Mohammad Abu Rajab a radiologist at M10 hospital , the largest trauma hospital in the city's rebel held sector said the warplane flew over them and directly dropping missiles around 4am. The doctors noted that rubble fell in on the patients in the intensive care unit."

Workers in the M10 hospital said oxygen and power generators were destroyed and patients were transferred to another hospital.

President Bashar al-Assad's forces, backed by Russian bombers, Iranian troops and Shi'ite militia fighters from Iran, Iraq and Lebanon, have launched a massive assault to crush the rebels' final major urban stronghold.

Aleppo has been divided for years between government and rebel zones. As Syria's largest city before the war, it would be the biggest strategic prize of the war for Assad and allies.

 It will be difficult to restore full government rule since Aleppo was where the majority of the population of Syria resided and the war has made more than half of Syrians homeless and cause a refugee crisis. It is good to know Hope is never lost.


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