Friday, 2 September 2016

Student kidnapped and presummed dead living in North Korea as President's English Tutor

David Sneddon a US student disappeared in China's Yunnan Province in August 14, 2004. 

 He was an exchange student from the Brigham Young University, Provo Utah. He was subsequently presumed dead after efforts to reach him proved futile.

New reports from Mirror suggests that he is allegedly living in North Korea after North Korean agents kidnapped him 12years ago. He now lives in North Korea with two kids and is presumed to be Kim Jong-un's personal tutor according to Yahoo news Japan.

His parents Roy and Kathleen Snodden always believed he was kidnapped even after they were informed by Chinese officials that he had died. His father Roy said in a  new report regarding his son's whereabouts 'strengthens the contention that what we have said from the beginning about David being in North Korea was in fact correct', according to KU-TV .

The article has even prompted the U.S. Department of State to formally launch a search for David in North Korea, Deseret News reports.

But despite this, Roy and Kathleen remain cautious about the report.
Kathleen, a former university professor, said: "Part of the article may be correct and part of it may be conjecture... we just don't know."


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