Saturday, 10 September 2016

Shocking!!! 2 boys below 8 rape and kill a 1 year old girl before dumping her in pit

Two boys aged  4 and 8 have been arrested. They were alleged to have raped and killed a one year old girl.

Naijareports gathered that after murdering her, they dumped her body in a pit toilet.

The gruesome incident reportedly happened on Wednesday in Mundemba, Ndian, a South West region, Cameroon. They have been arrested by the Cameroonian police.

Medical reports indicate the murdered toddlers genitalia was ‘destroyed’.
As many struggle to come to terms with this horrific news, some wondered if the boys could even get an erection, or actually disembark the little girl in the manner the medical exams stated.

There is a different idea  that someone is using the boys to either cover up his/her crimes or finish it although the boys have both admitted to throwing the little girl in the toilet and killing her whilst she was in there.


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