Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Ryan Lochte's protesters on why they ruined his performance

Ryan Lochte, the disgraced-Olympian was one of the stars in the new season of dancing with the stars.
With excitement, he went to the dance floor for his first dance and an unfortunate incidence happened. 

Two men Sam Sododeh 59 and Barzeen Soroudi, 25 rushed to the stage in protest of his behaviour at RIO saying he embarrassed Americans. Lochte and his partner Cheryl Burke were receiving their critique from the judges when the two men ran to the stage. But security guards were on hand to take them down.

Soroudi spoke to TMZ telling them he understands that he won medals in RIO but what he did was sad and not a good representation of Americans. He insisted he and Sam did not plan on hurting Lochte but wanted to stage a non violent protest. He stressed that after the incidence Americans were treated badly and became targets in Rio. 

He said thing s became very difficult. He insisted that they want Americans to know that they are not taking what Ryan did lightly. they are protesting the world stage embarrassment he meted on Americans.

 Sododeh had much harsher words for the the security guards who took them down. 
'This guy runs out, unnecessarily tackles me and hurts me. As you can see I have bruises, my back also hurts, my neck hurts.' 

'I don't understand why the people did that, I wasn't even going toward Lochte, I was going in a different direction.' 

Sododeh also claims that one of the guards punched and kicked him as he was taken off the stage. 
'Our purpose is to get the message out,' he continued. 'Lochte is a coward, a liar, and under Brazilian law, a criminal.'   

Video of the incident shows a shocked Lochte looking on in disbelief and then slowly making his way to stand behind Burke as security guards took the men down.
The Olympian later described what it was like to have his big moment taken away from him.


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