Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Mourinho down ; Manchester United in Crisis

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Controversial coach Jose Mourinho admits his Manchester United players are feeling the pressure after losing three successive games.

He claims their confidence has been hit by their defeats to Manchester City, Feyenoord and Watford, and says they must show character.

“At 10.30 in the morning, we have a training session and we have to be there,” said the United boss.
“They have to work. They have to show themselves with a certain kind of attitude towards negative moments. He stressed positivity in their attitudes despite the few challenges they were facing.

This will be Mourinho is  first crisis at United and Mirror gathered some challenges that must be addressed if he has totake the club to another level and rise to the top 4 and be the winners they have always been

  • Wayne 
  • The England and Manchester United skipper was awful against Watford.
His passing was off and he created nothing. Mourinho should drop him and recall Juan Mata in the playmaker position.
  • Paul Pogba

Pogba has looked anything like the world's most-expensive player and he has yet to contribute an assist or a goal.
He does not have the excuse of not knowing United or the Premier League and needs a firm boot up the backside.
  •  Make his players work harder

Shockingly, United are bottom of the Premier League table for most distance run.
They have covered 526.6km, compared to the top team Liverpool, whose players who have run 581.6km.
  • Get Anthony Martial scoring again

Martial looks a pale shadow of the player who exploded onto the scene last season and has not scored in his seven games.
He was disappointing at Watford and could not even decide if he needed to come off because of an ankle or head injury.

  • Find his best system and stick to it

Mourinho has chopped and changed the spine of his team without finding a winning combination.
They have been off the pace and there is no evidence of how he wants United to play.


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