Friday, 16 September 2016

Mother on why she dumped her new born baby in the bush

Ifunanaya Eme is a 31years old single mother who dumped her baby to die in the bush.

Sun news reports that after the Lagos State Police arrested her, she confessed to her crimes.

According to her the  the father of the baby denied the pregnancy while she was living at Ajah and later relocated to Ajamgbadi because of a job offer in a factory.

She was scared of loosing the job after she gvae birth hence the reason she decided to dump the baby. She stressed that the baby is a child of destiny because she barely took care of herself ofr the baby during the pregannacy.

Never attended ante natal. She went further saying she deliverer the baby herself by going into the bush with a knife,pushing herself and cutting the placenta with the knife herself. She also said she did what she did because she was ashamed that the child will grow up and not know the dad and she didn't want that type of situation.

She has been arrested by the Police  after a passerby heard the cries of the baby and reported to the police The baby has been taken to the hospital for checkup and will be later sent to the necessary agencies for further rehabilitation..


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